Breaking: Criminals take cover as Uba Sani approves fresh security action

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Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State has signed into law the Kaduna State Security Trust Fund Bill 2024 on Tuesday. The new Bill, which repealed the State Security Trust Fund Law No.22, 2018, is to notch up tougher action against bandits, terrorists and other urban criminal elements.

The fresh security move of the governor will expectedly serve as an effective legislation that would provide money for the acquisition and deployment of security equipment.

“And such human, material and financial resources as shall be necessary for the effective functioning of all Federal, State, Local Government and other security agencies working in the state.

The administration intends to deploy part of the funds for training and retraining of security personnel.

A Board of Trustees will expectedly drive the operations of the new law.

The Security Trust Fund will hopefully enable the State Government to further boost local and federal security agencies with equipment and logistics.

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