Kcee responds to Harry Song’s songwriting allegations

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Kcee has responded to allegations laid against him by Harrysong.

Nigerian Singer Kcee has responded to his former colleague, Harrysong, for saying that he wrote the majority of Kcee’s hit songs when Harrysong was signed to his label.

The cause of this whole controversy was due to Harrysong consistently accusing Kcee of controlling his musical rights. He also begged Kcee to release the royalties of his songs and he was the creative force behind many of Kcee’s successful tracks.

In a recent episode of the Afrobeats podcast with Adesope Olajide, Kcee actively refuted Harrysong’s assertions, asserting that he clinched the Star Quest talent show victory while Harrysong remained in the village. Subsequently, Kcee signed with Kennis Music.

Kcee said, “When I won Star Quest, Harrysong was in the village with his grandmother. I did three albums with Kennis Music, did Harrysong write those? Harrysong has a problem, we need to pray for him. Jokes apart, we need to pray for him”

He highlighted that Harrysong left Five Star Music eight years ago. Kcee pointed out that he has continued to produce hit songs independently. Kcee hinted at the possibility that Harrysong could be facing personal challenges, including marital conflicts, and voiced the opinion that prayers are necessary for Harrysong.

In addition to the whole saga, Kcee announced via social media that he would collaborate with One Republic on Kcee’s Ojapiano remix. Kcee shared a video on social media, a snippet of both parties’ recording sessions. He shared the video and captioned the post, “No sign of weakness! We are taking our culture to the world….. Ojapiano remix! got this one with my brother’s @ryantedder @onerepublic soon! OJAPIANO TO THE WORLD BMK TO THE WORLD”.

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