My first marriage would have worked if…

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Controversial Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has opened up about her crashed marriage, shedding light on what she believes could have saved it from crumbling.

Reflecting on her past, Ojo confessed that her lack of wisdom and maturity played a significant role in the breakdown of her marriage over a decade ago.

As a mother of two and currently engaged to showbiz personality Paul O, she emphasised the importance of handling marital issues with careful consideration and maturity.

In her confession, Ojo expressed regret over not being as wise then as she is now, stating that with more maturity, she believes her marriage could have been salvaged.

She stressed the need for individuals to be reasonable and wise in relationships to avoid repeating past mistakes and experiencing further heartache.

Despite the challenges she faced in her previous marriage, Ojo remains optimistic about the beauty of love and its potential to transform lives.

Continuing her message of love and resilience, Ojo reaffirmed her commitment to spreading positivity and advocating healthy relationships.

She believed that by sharing her experiences and lessons learned, she could inspire others to navigate their own relationships with wisdom and maturity.

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