South Africa prepares to launch Digital Nomad visa for international remote workers

South Africa prepares to launch Digital Nomad visa for international remote workers
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South Africa is poised to become the latest country to open its doors to remote workers with the anticipated launch of its digital nomad visa. According to the Department of Home Affairs, the digital nomad visa will allow nationals of other countries to stay and work in South Africa.

  • South Africa is preparing to introduce a digital nomad visa, allowing foreign nationals to live and work remotely in the country.
  • The new visa categories, including a remote working visa and a critical skills visa, aim to attract skilled workers, especially from the tech industry, by offering the lifestyle benefits of remote work.
  • Criteria for the critical skills visa include a minimum annual income of R1 million ($55,000) to ensure contributors can maintain a high standard of living and bolster the local economy.

President Cyril Ramaphosa, in his latest weekly newsletter, stated that the Department of Home Affairs has published draft amendments to existing immigration regulations to include two new visa categories: a remote working visa and a critical skills visa. He added that the move will significantly boost their efforts to attract workers with critical skills to South Africa.

According to the President, introducing a remote working visa responds to the rapidly evolving world of work, where increasing numbers of skilled workers, notably in the tech industry, are attracted by the lifestyle benefits of working from a remote location. It also caters to so-called digital nomads, who can work virtually from anywhere in the world.

“A remote worker who wants to work in South Africa while being employed by a foreign company can receive such a visa. International experience shows that employees with critical skills contribute to improved productivity, enhanced innovation, and improving the competitiveness of the firms they work for,” President Ramaphosa stated.” the President stated in his newsletter.

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South Africa prepares to launch Digital Nomad visa for international remote workers
Department of Home Affairs, South Africa

Who is eligible for South Africa’s potential digital nomad visa – and how will the visa work?

The Department of Home Affairs highlighted that among the criteria for inclusion in South Africa’s critical skills list, which focuses on jobs in high demand locally, is a minimum annual income requirement of at least R1 million ($55,000), ensuring that individuals can significantly contribute to the local economy and maintain a high standard of living.

The President also noted that the draft regulations proposal would introduce a points system for critical skills visas that will atake into account factors such as age, qualifications, language skills, work experience and having an offer of employment, amongst others.


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