Valentine’s Day Messages: You are the side piece if you get these

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Valentine’s Day is almost here but you might not be your boo’s boo.

Perhaps like other couples, you have been sending screenshots of the gifts you would like to have or dropping subtle messages on how you would love to spend the day.

But when the day came, all you had to show for yourself are WhatsApp messages.

If you get any of these messages, you are probably the side piece.

1. “I am travelling for work or I have an important deal to close”

Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday, so this excuse may seem tenable but do not be tempted to believe them. Anyone who travels for work on Valentine’s Day is cheating, either on you or with you.

2. “I spent all day at the mechanic’s.”

You will get this message on the February 15 because they would be unreachable on Valentine’s Day and who are you to dispute urgent car repairs?

3. “I had to rush my parents to the hospital”

Well, can you complain you didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day when the life of his or her parents was hanging on a figurative line?

4. “Babe, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day”

They will say things like, “I don’t need a special day to show you I love you.” Be wary of this kind of people. When they meet someone they love, they will move heaven and earth to make them happy. You are just not that important.

Best Valentine's Day text messages

5. “Something came up”

You never know the nature of what came up, but something came up and of course, they will be very sorry but promise to “make it up” but that Valentine’s romance you are looking for, you are not getting it.

Finally, if nothing happens, no calls, no texts, no explanation, nothing. Then, you might have been dating yourself.


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