Zim Gives Us a Glimpse into Her Life as a Travel Curator in this Episode of “Naija Xplorers”

Zim Gives Us a Glimpse into Her Life as a Travel Curator in this Episode of “Naija Xplorers”
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Zim Gives Us a Glimpse into Her Life as a Travel Curator in this Episode of “Naija Xplorers”

Naija Xplorers is a travel series on BellaNaija that features African travel content creators and enthusiasts. They share their experiences about the best places to travel, how to enjoy a solo trip, and tips on budget-friendly adventures, both locally and around the globe. From the foodie who knows where to get the best food in Lebanon, to the explorer who has travelled to all 36 states in Nigeria, they will provide a unique perspective on the world, sharing travel hacks, hidden gems, and their personal experiences.

In the first episode of our travel series, we feature Zim, a travel curator and photographer who has visited 55 countries including Thailand, Switzerland, and Vietnam. Zim shares with us her unique experiences as a traveller, the best tips for a smooth trip, and recommendations for countries that Nigerians can visit.



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Hey Zim! Tell us three fun facts about yourself

I’m a gym rat. I love adrenaline-inducing activities. I’m obsessed with puff-puff.

Where did you go on your first trip? Share the cost and how you made it happen.

My first solo trip was to Belgium, and this was years ago. Saved up my pocket money and took a trip from London to Brussels. I remember the entire trip cost about €250.

Name the five destinations that have truly left a mark on your soul.

  • Thailand
  • The Gambia
  • Albania
  • Switzerland
  • Lebanon
  • (Special mention to Vietnam – stole all of my heart)
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What sparked your passion for travel, and what keeps you motivated to explore new places?

My mom was a traveller and I’d like to believe I caught the bug from her. I was always fascinated with all the stories she would tell every time she got back from a trip. So when I was old enough to travel I decided to see the world.

My motivation stems from wanting to experience the life and culture of others. Growing up in Nigeria you’re used to things being a certain way, and when I travel I get to live life through the lens of others and this has truly opened my perspective on life.

Budgeting is a big concern for many people. How were you able to fund subsequent travel experiences before you started making money as a travel content creator?

I save and invest a lot. Luckily I’ve had well-paying jobs so it makes saving much easier. I also keep my daily cost quite low as travel is truly one of my only hobbies so I’d rather just spend money on that.

Among the places you’ve visited, which destination stands out as the most budget-friendly for a Nigerian, and how much did it cost?

Definitely Lebanon. The entire trip cost $1000 which was a little under half a million naira when I went in 2022.

What equipment and tools do you use for capturing and editing your travel content?

I use my phone and a tripod. Recently got a gimbal which I quite enjoy using. For editing, I use Inshot and Lightroom.


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Being Nigerian, how has your nationality influenced your travel experiences?

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On the positive side, Nigerians are very confident people so whenever I’m in a new country I always have main-character energy lol. Which gets people to want to find out where I’m from. On the negative side being a Nigerian with a Nigerian passport is a hassle, especially the visa process. From the documentation requested to the occasional airport stress once they know you’re Nigerian. I try not to let all these get to me though.


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When deciding on travel destinations, what criteria do you typically follow when selecting your next adventure?

Availability of Adrenaline, weather, travel and food. The food is extremely important.

What’s the most interesting cultural tradition you’ve encountered on your travels?

I recently attended the yi peng festival in Thailand which is also known as the Festival of Lights. It is celebrated to mark the end of the monsoon season and the beginning of the cool season. The main highlight of the festival is the release of thousands of paper lanterns, known as Khom Loi, the night sky. This act is believed to bring good luck and symbolizes the release of worries and negative elements. It was such a beautiful tradition to witness.

Beach or mountains?

Definitely Mountains.

Window seat or aisle seat?

Window seat.

All-inclusive resort or Airbnb?

All-inclusive resort.

Pack light or overpack?

Pack light – I’ve never travelled with more than 1 medium-sized luggage.

Plan everything or wing it?

Plan to an extent but wing it if needed.

What advice would you give to your younger self about travel?

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Start tracking your air miles and stick to a hotel chain ….. started this much later which I kind of regret.

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