Asake Drops Visuals To Latest Single ‘Only Me’

Asake Drops Visuals To Latest Single ‘Only Me’
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Less than two months after releasing his first single of the year, ‘Only Me’, Asake has released the visuals to the single.


‘Only Me’, produced by Blaisebeats, was released on January 12, 2024, to commemorate the Grammy-nominated star’s birthday. In seven weeks, the single has amassed over 16 million streams worldwide and Asake teamed up for its visuals with popular music video director TG Omori, The multi-award-winning video director behind most of Asake’s groundbreaking videos.

In ‘Only Me’ visuals, Asake depicts the role of a priest adorning a white and gold cloak while showcasing his wealth as he flaunts his money inside a vault. The visuals show luxury and also tells the story of a young man enjoying his wealth and living his life.

His visuals have generated controversy as fans have criticised him for disrespecting the Christian religion as he used a catholic church and dressed as a priest despite being a Muslim.

One fan said: “This is disrespectful and it is an affront on our faith as Christians. For how long do we tolerate this madness? The Christian Association of Nigeria must take action against this. Enough is enough.”

Another fan said: “Asake is a Muslim but can mock the Catholic Church. David can’t post a video he didn’t make which ad a mosque. We saw Tinubu run a Muslim-Muslim ticket and hired fake “bishops”. The religion of peace won’t tolerate this.”

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This is not the first time an artist would be facing backlash for disrespecting a particular religion. In July 2023, Davido posted the teaser to the music video of his record label signee, Logos Olori.

The single ‘Jaye Lo’ had men wearing jalabia’s and caps dancing on a praying at the front of a mosque, angry Muslim followers felt that video disrespected their religion. The video led to backlash for both Davido and Logos Olori from fans of Muslim background. Two days later, the music star went on to delete the video from his page.


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