Africans among the casualties of a drone strike in Russia

Africans among the casualties of a drone strike in Russia
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A drone strike on Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan resulted in injuries among nationals of nine nations, including Africa. This information is according to Russian media which disclosed that a total of 14 people suffered injuries. A Kenyan national who was affected by the attack showed resilience as she noted that she refused to be intimidated by such an action.

  • Drone strike hits Russian cities Alabuga and Nizhnekamsk in Tatarstan, injuring 14.
  • Kenyan student among victims expresses resilience despite attack.
  • The incident underscores rising tensions as Russia expands its influence in Africa.

A report seen in the Russian news outlet Sputnik revealed that A UAV struck business establishments in the Russian cities of Alabuga and Nizhnekamsk in the Republic of Tatarstan on Tuesday morning.

The police confirmed that no fewer than fourteen people sustained injuries in the attack. However, there was no significant damage and the firms’ technological operations were unaffected.

Otieno Macrene Ochieng a Kenyan national currently enrolled at Alabuga Polytechnic Educational Center, was one of the victims of the attack, however, the media reports that she is recovering fast.

“I am fine now. Those who attacked our hostel today are real barbarians, and they deserve serious condemnation. In my opinion, they wanted to intimidate us, but I want to tell you they did not succeed. You won’t scare me because Alabuga is a strong place and we’ll get through this,” the Kenyan girl said in a video message published in the Telegram channel of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone.

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A simlar report was issued some days ago, when Ukrainian drones attacked the Kuybyshevsky Oil Refinery in the Russian district of Samara, triggering a fire, and tried to strike another refinery, according to the governor of the region.

Russia and Africa

Russia and Africa
Russia and Africa

Russia has been on a mission to expand its influence across Africa, a mission that has spiked the nerves of its Western competitors.

In March, West Africa’s Burkina Faso and Russia’s state corporation specializing in nuclear energy and high-tech products, Rosatom put in motion plans to establish a nuclear plant in the African country.

The report noted that both sides are now in the process of signing a road map to make the nuclear reactor dream a reality.

This is one of the many moves the Asian giants have made to win over the African market. Other initiatives such as the distribution of grains to African states in need, the addition of African members to the BRICS group of nations, and de-dollarization in bilateral trades are some of the moves that have caught the attention of other global powers.


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