Mayhem in Umuokirika community

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…From = Everest Ezihe, Ahiazu Mbaise

The peaceful serene seems to be associated with Umuokrika autonomous community in Ahiazu Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State is having a serious threat now as, HRH Eze S.P Iwuh, the traditional ruler of the famous autonomous community is alleged to have disrupted the digging of grave for the burial of his cousin, Prince Nicholas Iwuh, aged 75 years, using the Nigeria Police Force of the council area.

According to Mr. Cajetan Iwuh, one of the cousin’s of the monarch while addressing news men said, ” today Thursday April 4th 2024, as about 7.30 am Police men in uniform and well armed, stormed our family compound like commandos and abruptly stopped the grave diggers to immediately stop further digging of the grave as the burial site of our elder brother, Prince Nicholas Iwuh who died since December 7th last year and the family resolved to bury him today.

” Eze S.P Iwuh is claiming that the burial site is part of his land which is not true, the kinsmen have tried the matter and advised him to desist from the claim. The burial site doesn’t belong to him. He’s using his position to cause havocs, intimidate and create confusion in the family.

” The youths are threatening to cause mayhem but we’re pleading with them. Members of the community are not happy over the high handedness of the traditional ruler. He doesn’t want to obey justice. He’s a sadist” he alleged.

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An eye witness Mr. Ndubuisi Anyanwu further told this reporter that as at time of filling the report that Police men are still in the compound and barricaded major entrances to the community an effort he said is to forestall the burial.

Anyanwu also reported that fear and suspense have enveloped the community as the youths are threatening for a showdown while advising the traditional ruler on the need to sue for peace.

This latest imbroglio seems to be a justification that the rift between the monarch and the uncle’s children of, late Chief Bennett Iwuh (Onyekuma Onyekuma of Umuokirika), is yet to be over.

The uncle’s children had earlier accused the reverred traditional ruler of using his advantaged royal father position to unduly influenced the police, especially the Police Area Command and Imo State Police Command Tiger Based Section, Owerri for unjustly intimidate, harassed, abduct and detained them, their children and wives over minor family misunderstandings, that he should have handled as the present head of Iwuh’s royal dynasty.

They equally accused him of abusing court processes just to distract and reap them off but expressed gratitude that in most of the cases, judgements were in their favour, lamenting that the traditional ruler is unrelenting in fomenting trouble against them for no just a cost.

Earlier, before today ( Thursday 4th April,2024), the family again seems to be in turmoil , over the burial of Prince Nicholas Iwuh, aged 75 years, who died on Thursday 7th December, 2023 as the first son of Late Chief Bennett Iwuh as they accused the traditional ruler of fighting dirty to ensure that the burial plans of the deceased are frustrated and aborted by again using the Police Area Command in Ezinihitte Mbaise to intimidate, harassed and detain the deceased wife, Mrs. Ellen Iwuh and children, Kelechi Iwuh and Chu Chu Iwuh over the family accepted ancestral burial site for the deceased scheduled for interment on Thursday April 4th, 2024,(being today).

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They lamented that the Royal Father as tradition permits, if he’s so sincere in instituting peace and appreciating what their father whom he was one of the Administrators of his will did for him in life, he should have used either the family, the kindred, the village, the Council of Chiefs or the Eze in Council’s dispute resolution mechanism to address any of the burning issues but rather he takes delight in undue intimidation, harassment and detention of his first cousins, nephews and wives using the police and courts.

They insisted that they’re resolute in burying their elder brother and father as scheduled and at the appropriate site no matter any alleged efforts to frustrate same by the traditional ruler and his son-Nnamdi, citing equity and natural justice as their backbones.

They equally accused the reverred Royal Father of master minding the ejection of his twin brothers family, Benjamin and Everest in 2009 from a disputed ancestral family house, allegedly using his son’s Nnamdi and George for the forceful ejection.

Responding, HRH Eze S.P. Iwu told The Authority that he has “no comment on this matter, yes” and aggressively asked the reporter to ” please get out of this issue, get out of that issue ! Please. The thing is in the court, go to the court” he fumed.

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