Nigeria, South Africa’s Co-operation Can Stimulate Economic Growth — Obiukwu

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Group Managing Director, Bolton White Hotel, Kingsley Obiukwu, has said that co-operation between Nigeria and South Africa can stimulate economic growth in various sectors in both countries.

Obiukwu made this known while speaking to LEADERSHIP on the sidelines of the Diplomatic Business Rendezvous, organised by the Department of Economic, Trade & Investment in Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with the South Africa High Commission in Abuja.

He emphasised the pivotal role of cooperation between Nigeria and South Africa in driving economic growth across the continent, and underscored the significance of fostering strong bilateral relations between the two economic powerhouses, highlighting the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships in various sectors.

He said, “This event provides an excellent platform for business leaders like myself to engage with government officials and diplomats, fostering stronger ties between nations and exploring opportunities for economic cooperation.

“Partnerships between Nigeria and South Africa could lead to mutually beneficial collaborations across various sectors, stimulating economic growth and development in both countries.

“My involvement in such events demonstrates my commitment to advancing the interests of our industry and contributing to the broader economic landscape.”

Citing recent initiatives aimed at strengthening ties between Nigeria and South Africa, Obiukwu commended efforts by both governments to enhance diplomatic relations and facilitate greater cooperation at the bilateral and regional levels.

He urged policymakers to prioritise initiatives that promote trade liberalisation, remove barriers to investment, and streamline regulatory frameworks to create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

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Obiukwu reiterated his belief that Nigeria and South Africa hold the key to unlocking Africa’s economic potential through strategic cooperation and collaboration.

He called on leaders from both nations to seize the opportunity to work together towards a shared vision of prosperity, stability, and inclusive growth for the benefit of all African citizens.


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