Who wore it better? Nancy Isime or Beverly Naya – Here’s the verdict

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What happens when fashion icons wear identical outfits? The answer is a masterclass in personal style.

Nancy Isime is a popular actor and host, and Beverly Naya is an actor and businesswoman.

They wore a stunning two-piece set by Nigerian designer Andrea Iyamah. While the outfit is basically the same—a breezy chiffon design with eye-catching beaded shoulders—it’s the styling choices that truly set them apart.

Let’s break it down:

Nancy Isime

Nancy’s vibe was effortless vacation chic. She wore this two-piece set in Benin, where she was indeed on vacation. The look perfectly captured a relaxed vibe. The elaborate hat added a touch of drama, while the long drop earrings were perfect. But the real showstoppers were her golden slippers—quite literally the cutest flats I’ve seen recently.

Beverly Naya

Beverly Naya sported the same two-piece set for her Skin Brunch. This shows the outfit’s adaptability to different events. Her Fulani braids added a beautiful cultural touch, complementing the piece’s print and design. She also opted for a pair of chic Bottega Veneta sandals to complete the look. Love it, though a strappy sandals might have worked better.

Who wore it better? The verdict is that both of them styled the outfit perfectly for the different occasions.


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