Go Back Home And Contest Proper Elections Again, APC Group Tells Former Rivers Lawmakers

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*says party doesn’t accept illegality

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Youth Frontier has advised the members of the Rivers State Assembly whose seats were recently declared vacant to go back and contest new elections.

Denouncing the lawmakers, the Lagos-based group in a statement on Tuesday said their defection from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is a betrayal of the trust and mandate given to them.

Signed by its national president, Comrade Ajani Martins, the statement further described the defectors as political prostitutes who have no place in the APC.

According to Martins, their defection is not only morally wrong but a clear sign of their lack of principles and integrity.

Martins, therefore, said the ruling party doesn’t support such illegality and treachery, adding that those who voted for them deserve better.

“We have followed the political crisis in Rivers State and actions taken by major actors, including the assembly members,” the statement said.

“Our great party condemns in the strongest terms the treacherous defection of the 25 Parliamentarians. This act of political prostitution is a betrayal of the trust and mandate given to them by their party and the people.

“We reject and disown them and their selfish interests, which have led them to abandon the principles and values that their party stands for. It is clear that they lack commitment to any party’s ideals and have shown willingness to sacrifice the interests of their people for personal gain.

“We will not tolerate such treachery and will take all necessary steps to ensure that those who have betrayed the trust of the people are held accountable. We trust our party to continue to stand firm on our principles and values, and we will not be swayed by the selfish interests of a few individuals.

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“To our loyal members and supporters, we urge you to remain steadfast and committed to our party’s cause. We will continue to work tirelessly to serve the interests of our people and to build a better future for our nation.

“We value loyalty, commitment, and dedication to our party’s principles and values, and we cannot guarantee that those who have abandoned their previous party affiliations share these qualities.

“We, therefore, advise the lawmakers to return home and re-contest. As it stands, they have lost their seats in the House. Our party doesn’t support illegality. “

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