Here’s the reason why Portable was about getting arrested

Here’s the reason why Portable was about getting arrested
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It’s no news that Portable is the kingpin of controversies whether good or bad. This time is it concerning his GLE which he bought in January.

On May 14, 2024, it was announced that Portable had been arrested by the Police. Apparently, the GLE that he had announced in January to be 60 million was actually 27 million.

Portable reportedly only coughed up 13 million naira, leaving the remaining balance hanging. To make matters worse, Portable had signed a no-refund agreement, meaning he was stuck paying the full amount even if he couldn’t afford it or wanted to return the car. This clause proved to be the tipping point in the situation.

Temi Autos, the business in question, reported the issue to the police. Officers then moved in to arrest Portable, but he attempted to escape by jumping the fence. The police apprehended him and took him into custody.

Watch the video of Portable Jumping the fence

Watch the video of Portable collecting the vehicle documents

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