Kenya Energy Prices Drop Despite Global Market Increase

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Energy prices in Kenya recently experienced a slight drop. Pump prices in the East African country dropped by Sh1 per liter according to the latest review and would be in effect for the next month. This is despite the fact that fuel products such as super petrol, diesel, and Kerosene all spiked in price on the international market.

  • Kenya experienced a slight drop in pump prices for fuel products
  • Prices dropped by Sh1 per liter despite international market spikes
  • This decrease marks a shift from the previous high prices at the beginning of the year

A report by Kenyan business news publication BusinessDaily revealed that pump prices in Kenya have dropped by a slight margin.

This is based on information revealed on Tuesday by The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory (EPRA), which showed that 1 liter of diesel now sells for Sh179.18 as opposed to Sh180.38. Additionally, petrol prices dropped from Sh193.84 in the capital city of Nairobi to Sh192.84.

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This marks a shift in the right direction given that Kenya began the year with petrol prices above the Sh 200 mark. This drop is despite the country’s currency losing slightly against the US dollar, going from 133.54 units last month to 134.63 units currently.

In March, it was reported that super petrol retailed for Ksh199.15, down by Ksh7.21, while diesel sold for Ksh190.38 a liter moving forward. The diesel price dropped by Ksh5.09. Additionally, a liter of kerosene fell by the least amount Ksh4.49, to sell for Ksh188.74, in the capital city.

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While then the drop in fuel price could be attributed to relaxed pressure from the external market forces, this time the drop in fuel price is despite the rise in the price of diesel, super petrol, and kerosene in the global market.

Before that, the last substantial drop in pump prices occurred in May 2020, when a liter of super petrol fell from Ksh92.87 to Ksh83.33 and a liter of diesel from Ksh97.56 to Ksh78.37.


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