Never do these 5 things to your pregnant wife

Never do these 5 things to your pregnant wife
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Husbands should never do to these things their pregnant wives.

Pregnancy is a time of great inconvenience to many women; they feel sick, their bladders are being squished, their feet are swollen, and they are generally uncomfortable.

It’s a time when they need their husbands more than ever, but unfortunately, many men don’t know how to be there for their wives during that time.

Here are five things husbands should never do to their pregnant wives:

1. Never let her do house chores alone

We might think that gender roles make cleaning the house the woman’s job, but do you know that you will be nice? If you tell her to put her foot up because you love her and want her to relax.

Your pregnant wife shouldn’t be cooking for you by 4 a.m., washing the dishes, washing your clothes, ironing, sweeping, mopping, taking the trash out, and basically doing all the chores – help out even if you are the sole breadwinner.

2. Never let her go alone to see the doctor

It’s terrible to let your wife go alone for all her antenatal visits. Even if you are busy at work, you can ask for medical time off to go see your wife in the hospital.

A common excuse from men is that he might be the only man there, but that’s inconsequential. Your wife needs your moral support, and don’t you want to see your baby’s first heartbeat and movement in the ultrasound?

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3. Never ell her she’s overreacting when her emotions are all over the place

Pregnancy affects emotions and hormones a lot; she might cry more or get angry over the smallest things. If this does happen, don’t say, “You are overreacting.” Understand that she is going through a difficult time, and be considerate. Plus, stress is not good for her and the baby.

Never do these to your pregnant wife [newsweek]
Never do these to your pregnant wife [newsweek]

4. Tell her she looks unattractive

Some men go as far as showing their wives pictures of others pregnant and somehow feel like she doesn’t look good because she is not ‘maintaining’ herself. Meanwhile, pregnancy causes many physical and radical changes in women that are beyond their control. Don’t put too much focus on how your pregnant wife looks.

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5. Never be absent on the delivery day

It doesn’t matter if you are on another planet; come back from space and be with your wife in the delivery room. The doctors usually give an expected date of delivery, so make sure you are in town around that time, and it feels like a joint effort.


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