Ranking the famous beefs in Nigerian music industry in recent times

Ranking the famous beefs in Nigerian music industry in recent times
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The Nigerian music industry, which is vibrant and full of life, is not only known for its infectious rhythms and groundbreaking talents but also for its high-profile feuds and rivalries.

These disputes, often played out in the public eye, add an extra layer of drama and intrigue to the already dynamic music scene. From lyrical jabs to social media spats, the beefs between artists have kept fans and critics alike buzzing with excitement and speculation.

In this article, we dive into the top 15 beefs that have shaped the Nigerian music landscape. These feuds, whether fueled by competition, personal grievances, or sheer ego, have not only made headlines but also influenced the music produced by the artists involved.

From legendary confrontations to more recent disputes, these beefs have left an indelible mark on Nigerian music history.

15. Zinoleesky vs Seyi Vibez

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In 2023, a new rivalry emerged between Nigerian street-hop stars, Zinoleesky and Seyi Vibez. The tension began when Zinoleesky teased a new snippet on Instagram, prompting a quick response from Seyi Vibez, who hinted at his readiness to compete and jabbed at artists dependent on record labels. The feud escalated, with both artists releasing snippets and exchanging pointed comments on social media. Zinoleesky criticized Seyi Vibez’s music style and studio setup, while Seyi Vibez boasted about his recent house purchase. Though neither has confirmed the feud, the interactions have sparked significant fan speculation and interest.

14. Terry G vs Mallam Spicy

The feud between Terry G and Mallam Spicy, two prominent figures in Nigerian music, ignited in the late 2000s over differences in musical styles and perceived disrespect. Terry G’s brash remarks during a live performance in Lagos sparked a series of diss tracks and public exchanges between the two artists. Mallam Spicy accused Terry G of being repetitive and lacking innovation, while Terry G defended his unique sound. Despite dividing fans and generating significant attention, the rivalry eventually simmered down as both artists moved on with their careers. However, the beef remains a memorable chapter in Nigerian music history, highlighting the competitive nature of the industry.

13. Brymo vs Burna Boy

The feud between Burna Boy and Brymo has been marked by public jabs and criticisms exchanged between the two Nigerian music stars. Burna Boy took a swipe at Brymo, questioning the originality of his music and comparing it unfavourably to that of Fuji icons. Brymo, in response, dismissed Burna Boy’s freestyle as lacking originality and asserted his vocal superiority. The beef between Burna Boy and Brymo ignited when Brymo accused Burna Boy of lifting part of his unreleased album Macabre for Burna Boy’s Grammy-nominated hit single City Boy. Burna Boy responded with a diss in his ‘Thanks Freestyle,’ where he mocked Brymo with the line “No go fall off like Brymo.” This ongoing feud highlights the clash of egos and divisive antics that have characterised their careers in the Nigerian music industry.

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12. Burna Boy vs Davido

The feud between Burna Boy and Davido, two of Nigeria’s biggest music stars, gripped the industry with its intensity and public spats. Starting with subtle digs in interviews and social media posts, tensions rose, resulting in a notable incident at a festival in 2019. Both artists released albums in 2020, Twice as Tall and A Better Time, sparking speculation of hidden jabs at each other within their music. Despite their differences, both Burna Boy and Davido continued to dominate the music scene, releasing chart-topping singles and collaborating with international artists. However, their beef remained a hot topic among fans and industry insiders, with social media debates and memes keeping the feud alive.

11. Yung6ix vs Erigga

The rift between Yung6ix and Erigga, two prominent rappers in the Nigerian music scene, drew attention for its intensity and public exchanges. Stemming from issues of loyalty and collaboration, their feud played out on social media and in interviews. Yung6ix accused Erigga of betrayal, sparking a series of confrontations and grievances that aired publicly. Despite the tension, both artists remained focused on their music careers. While signs of reconciliation eventually surfaced, the beef between Yung6ix and Erigga underscores the rivalries that characterize the Nigerian music industry.

10. Sinzu vs Godwon

These two rap heavyweights, known for their lyrical prowess and street credibility, found themselves embroiled in a feud that captivated fans and ignited debates across the industry. The feud between Sinzu and Godwon sparked intense debates and captivated fans. Stemming from issues of respect and territorial claims within the rap scene, their beef led to heated exchanges both online and in diss tracks. Sinzu accused Godwon of lacking talent, while Godwon fired back with his own scathing lyrics. Despite dividing fans, both artists continued to release music and collaborate with others.

9. Timaya vs Nico Gravity

The beef between Timaya and Nico Gravity is a notable conflict in the Nigerian music industry. It began when Nico Gravity released the diss track I No Send You, criticising Timaya’s perceived arrogance and materialism. Timaya responded with his own assertive track, defending his success and lifestyle. This feud highlighted their contrasting styles: Timaya’s energetic dancehall vibes versus Nico Gravity’s raw, unfiltered lyrics. Despite the rivalry, both artists continued to succeed in their niches. This clash underscored tensions in the industry around authenticity and success, making it a significant chapter in Nigerian music history.

8. Ruger vs BNXN

Ruger and BNXN (formerly Buju) engaged in a notable feud that captivated fans and industry insiders alike. Starting in mid-2022, tensions arose when Ruger made comments downplaying BNXN’s success, sparking a series of social media exchanges. Both artists released tracks with lyrics interpreted as aimed at each other, fueling the rivalry further. Social media played a significant role in amplifying the feud, with fans passionately debating the merits of each artist. Despite the tension, Ruger and BNXN continued to thrive in their careers, with their respective styles earning them recognition and loyal followings. Ultimately, the feud came to an end when the two artists decided to collaborate on a new album, highlighting the transient nature of conflicts in the music industry. Reflecting on the beef, both artists acknowledged the unnecessary nature of their feud and the role of their passionate fan bases in perpetuating it.

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7. Reminisce vs Vector

The beef between Nigerian hip-hop heavyweights Reminisce and Vector stands out as one of the most memorable rivalries in the music industry. The tension began around 2012, with both artists subtly dissing each other in their lyrics. Key moments in the feud included Vector’s 2013 track Get Down, seen as a challenge to Reminisce, and Reminisce’s 2014 response to Feego. The rivalry extended to social media and interviews, where both artists emphasised their unique styles and street credibility.

Despite the tension, the feud never escalated beyond words and eventually simmered down as both artists focused on their careers. Reminisce solidified his reputation with successful albums like Baba Hafusa, while Vector explored new sounds in projects like Lafíaji. Their beef, while divisive at its peak, ultimately pushed both artists to greater heights, contributing to the richness of Nigerian hip-hop and leaving a lasting legacy.

6. MI Abaga vs Kelly Handsome

The feud between MI Abaga and Kelly Handsome was a significant clash in Nigerian music history, arising from professional rivalry and perceived slights. It escalated when Kelly Handsome released Catch Me If You Can, accusing MI of sabotaging his career. MI responded, denying involvement but asserting dominance. The beef played out on social media with subliminal jabs. Over time, the intensity waned, and both artists moved on, focusing on their careers. The beef’s legacy highlights the competitive nature of the industry and the importance of maintaining professional relationships.

5. Ruggedman vs Mode Nine

The feud between Ruggedman and Mode Nine, prominent figures in Nigerian hip-hop, originated in the early 2000s from artistic differences and ego clashes. Their rivalry played out through diss tracks and public confrontations, garnering attention from fans and the media. Over time, the animosity diminished, and both artists moved on to focus on their careers. Despite its resolution, the beef highlighted the competitive nature of the hip-hop genre and the importance of authenticity in Nigerian music.

4. Saheed Osupa vs Pasuma

The feud between Saheed Osupa and Pasuma, two giants in the Fuji music genre, originated from professional jealousy and competition for supremacy. Their rivalry played out through diss tracks and public confrontations, captivating fans and the media. Over time, the intensity of the beef subsided, and both artists focused on their careers. While their feud left a lasting impact on the Nigerian music scene, it serves as a reminder of the competitive nature of the industry and the complexities of navigating fame and ego.

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3. Davido vs Wizkid

The rivalry between Nigerian music icons, Davido and Wizkid has been a rollercoaster ride of highs, lows, and everything in between, captivating fans for over a decade. Their journey began almost simultaneously, with breakout hits that catapulted them into the limelight and solidified their positions as leaders in the Afrobeat genre. Despite their undeniable talent and global success, their relationship has been marked by intense competition and occasional conflict.

From subtle jabs on social media to full-blown X (Twitter) wars, Davido and Wizkid have engaged in a back-and-forth battle that has kept fans on the edge of their seats. While moments of unity and collaboration have provided glimmers of hope for reconciliation, tensions between the two superstars have persisted, erupting into public feuds that dominate headlines and spark heated debates among fans.

Despite their differences, Davido and Wizkid’s impact on Nigerian music and culture cannot be overstated. As they continue to push boundaries and break new ground, their rivalry remains a defining aspect of the industry, shaping the landscape for generations to come.

2. Ruggedman vs 9ice

The feud between Nigerian music stars, Ruggedman and 9ice ranks as the second biggest beef in the industry. Initially, they had a positive relationship, collaborating on the 2008 hit Ruggedybaba. However, rumors in 2009 suggested an affair between Ruggedman and 9ice’s then-wife, Toni Payne, leading to a public fallout despite denials from both parties.

The conflict escalated with two tracks: Ruggedman’s A Word is Enough for the 9ice and 9ice’s Talk, I Am Listening. Despite several attempts at reconciliation, including a joint appearance in 2015, the tension persisted. Both artists continue to contribute to Nigerian music, with Ruggedman respected as a rapper and 9ice maintaining his popularity. The Ruggedman vs. 9ice beef remains a significant chapter in Nigerian music history, offering lessons on communication and reconciliation.

1. 2Baba vs Black Face

The feud between Nigerian music icons, 2Baba and Blackface is legendary, stretching over a decade and involving accusations of song theft and betrayal. It all started with the breakup of their group, Plantashun Boiz, and escalated when Blackface accused 2Baba of stealing his song, African Queen. Legal battles ensued, but the conflict persisted, with Blackface releasing diss tracks and making public accusations. Despite attempts at reconciliation and out-of-court settlements, the feud continued, highlighting issues of intellectual property rights and personal grievances in the music industry. The impact of their rivalry shows the complexities of relationships in entertainment, overshadowing their musical contributions at times. Ultimately, the hope remains for a genuine reconciliation between these two influential figures in Nigerian music.

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