Veekee James offers advice to upcoming fashion designers

Veekee James offers advice to upcoming fashion designers
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The designer focused on the essence of having brand values.

Popular fashion designer, Veekee James, has offered words of advice to aspiring and upcoming fashion designers on running their brands.

In a post uploaded to Instagram on May 14, 2024, she detailed the measures aspiring designers can take to protect their brand.

She wrote, “I don’t know anything about the issue going around on social media so I can’t really speak on it! Here’s my advise as someone who has been there done that.”

James told upcoming designers to avoid being put in a position where a client makes them choose between being paid for their work or being tagged in a social media post for recognition.

“Once anyone comes to you with the ‘Do you want money or tag’ phrase, You better run! I’ve had so many of your faves, both in this country and abroad, use that phrase with me and that was it! Today some of these people will give anything to be in my piece! No cap. It just shows no respect or regard for your brand! Once you allow that, it confirms the fact that your brand has no value whatsoever!” she warned.

Veekee James is a successful fashion designer[Instagram]
Veekee James is a successful fashion designer[Instagram]

The designer advised other designers to ensure that the values of their brands are crystal clear to celebs.

“Be wise! Don’t let money come first before the important things! Sacrifice in business is a must! As long as you have made glaring the values of your brand, be ready to collaborate sometimes only with celebs who respect you as well! Never forget that it’s a win win for you and the celeb! No one is doing you a favour!”

Some of the looks from this year's AMVCA red carpet were designed by Veekay James [Instagram/Veekeejames]
Some of the looks from this year’s AMVCA red carpet were designed by Veekay James [Instagram/Veekeejames]

She emphasised on the importance of standing on one’s faith and also advised them not to always expect publicity from celebrity clients.

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“Don’t be desperate to be known through a person! You must know that only God is the LIFTER of Men! He will use only the people He chooses to lift you! Don’t try to do what only God can do for your brand! Don’t expect publicity from every celebrity and make desperate decisions without thinking!” she said.

The celebrity designer added, “If you want to be a fashion designer, go and research the true meaning of being a designer! So that you don’t end up being a tailor parading him or herself as a designer! If you are a designer, do the work of a designer!”


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