Current Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate (Black Market – Aboki FX) – 24th June 2024

Current Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate (Black Market – Aboki FX) – 24th June 2024
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Current Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate (Black Market - Aboki FX) - 24th June 2024

Current Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate (Black Market – Aboki FX) – 24th June 2024

Explore the current black market dollar to naira exchange rate today. Learn about the benefits of using the black market for currency exchange and the economic impact of exchange rate fluctuations on Nigeria’s economy.

As reported by Bureau De Change (BDC), here are the latest black market dollar to naira exchange rates:
Exchange RateRate (Naira)
Buying RateN1495
Selling RateN1500

These rates indicate the prevailing prices for buying and selling US dollars in the Lagos Parallel Market, commonly known as the black market or parallel market.

Understanding the Exchange Rates:

  • Buying Rate: Individuals purchasing dollars pay N1495 Naira for each US dollar exchanged.
  • Selling Rate: Sellers receive N1500 Naira for every US dollar sold.

Benefits of Using the Black Market for Currency Exchange:

The black market offers several advantages, including:

  • Accessibility: It provides liquidity for foreign currency when official channels may have limitations.
  • Flexibility: Transactions can often be conducted quickly and in smaller denominations compared to official banking channels.
  • Hedging: Businesses and individuals can hedge against fluctuations in official exchange rates.

Impact on the Nigerian Economy:

The current exchange rate dynamics play a crucial role in Nigeria’s economic landscape:

  • Inflation: A weaker Naira, as indicated by higher black market rates, can contribute to inflationary pressures by increasing the cost of imported goods and services.
  • Investor Confidence: Exchange rate stability is essential for attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) and maintaining investor confidence in Nigeria’s economy.
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Recent Economic Developments:

President Bola Tinubu recently received a symbolic gold bar from Minister of Solid Minerals Development, Dele Alake. This initiative aims to bolster Nigeria’s foreign reserves and strengthen the Naira. The gold, sourced from artisanal and small-scale miners and refined to meet international standards, underscores efforts to utilize Nigeria’s mineral resources for economic growth.

Dele Alake highlighted that initiatives like the National Gold Purchase program will enhance reserves and bolster the Naira’s standing in global markets.


Today’s black market dollar to naira exchange rates and recent economic developments illustrate ongoing strategies to fortify Nigeria’s economic resilience. While the black market provides flexibility in currency exchange, official channels through authorized banks are recommended for stability and transparency.

This detailed overview provides clarity on current exchange rates, benefits of the black market for currency exchange, and broader economic impacts, supporting Nigeria’s economic stability and growth aspirations.


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