Everyone can see the squiggly lines but you need a high IQ to spot the word that it’s hiding in under 8 seconds

Everyone can see the squiggly lines but you need a high IQ to spot the word that it’s hiding in under 8 seconds
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SPOTTING the squiggly lines is easy but can you outsmart everyone and find the hidden word in this optical illusion?

Time to put your IQ to the test and solve this tricky brainteaser in just eight seconds or less.


Can you find the hidden word in this optical illusion?[/caption]

This image is known as an optical illusion, meaning there could be other not-so obvious elements to be found.

The challenge here is to figure out what’s the word hiding among these wobbly black lines.

Only those with 20/20 vision and a high IQ can solve this quickly.

Will you be able to crack this puzzle or will you be left scratching your head?

It might seem a bit daunting at first, but the key is to carefully examine each element of the image.

Carefully look eat each squiggly element and try to figure out what letter that could possibly be.

Or you might prefer looking at the picture as a whole and work with a bigger perspective – whatever gives you more confidence!

Did you manage to spot the hidden word? If so, congratulations!

Still struggling? Have a look at the solution image at the bottom to find out.

How does an optical illusion work?

By Tom Malley

OPTICAL illusions are a great way to test your eyesight and cognitive skills, requiring you to really think about and observe what’s in front of you.

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More often than not, players are required to find something hidden within an image that can’t immediately be found on a first glance.

But the more you stare at it, the more your brain tries to help you find the answer.

What you see and what you think you see are two completely different things, but your senses gather information and send it your brain.

Your brain then creates a perception with this information, whereby it fills in gaps when there is incomplete information, or creates an image that isn’t even there.

This reaction is actually a survival instinct.

Our brains have evolved to quickly work to piece together any information it can get, before doing its best to figure out the rest.

So when you’re looking at an optical illusion, your brain works with what it’s got to develop a reality in order to help you see the answer in the image.

Did you know that solving optical illusions is a great way of training your brain and improving creative thinking?

Brainteasers are purposefully designed to trick our vision and can be used as simple determiners of intelligence.

Some benefits include cognitive stimulation, developed problem-solving skills, memory improvement, increased creativity, focus and attention, as well as stress relief.

So you might want to try The Sun’s wide range of optical illusions created to stimulate the deepest parts of your brain.

In this puzzle, you must be a genius if you can find the hidden butterfly in seven seconds.

If you think you have a high IQ, then try spotting the strawberry amongst the carnival scene in less than nine seconds.

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And if you have 20/20 vision you might be able to spot the hidden number in this mind-boggling image.


The answer was ‘melody’ – were you quick enough to spot it?[/caption]


You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the hidden butterfly in under 7 seconds[/caption]


Can you spot the strawberry hidden amongst this image in less than nine seconds?[/caption]


Can you spot the hidden number in this mind-boggling illusion?[/caption]


The butterfly is highlighted[/caption]


You must have 20/20 vision and a high IQ if you were able to spot the hidden strawberry beneath the cow[/caption]


Only those with a high IQ could spot the number 20 before time ran out[/caption]


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