Family horrified after finding deadly hidden danger lurking in daughter’s bed… would YOU have spotted it quickly enough?

Family horrified after finding deadly hidden danger lurking in daughter’s bed… would YOU have spotted it quickly enough?
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A FAMILY were left horrified after they found a deadly animal in their daughter’s bed – but not everyone would be able to spot it.

They got the fright of their lives when they discovered the beast inside their home in Queensland, Australia.


The deadly animal was hidden in the young girl’s bed – but can YOU spot it?[/caption]


An unwanted guest was found in a young girl’s bed in Queensland, Australia[/caption]

The family had no idea that the red-bellied-black snake had entered the bedroom through the door.

Snake wrangler Bryce Lockett, from Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast, shared the terrifying video on Facebook.

The video shows Bryce picking up the deadly snake and placing it in a bag to be relocated away from the home.

He said: “Definitely not what you want on the bed.”

Social media users were horrified by the discovery.

One wrote: “Well I am not moving to Jimboomba in a hurry.”

While another wrote: “My worst nightmare.”

A third added: “Oh my god. Hope it wasn’t there when the child was asleep” 

It’s not the first time the slippery serpents have found themselves unwanted guests inside someone else’s home.

One Sydney resident had the fright of her life after she discovered a massive red-bellied-black snake in her bedroom after Christmas.

A snake removal service was called to the home after the creature was found.

The four-foot snake was captured and relocated back where it belongs in nearby bushland.

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At the time, the snake catcher said: “Hooked this Red Belly Black off the top of a shoe shelf yesterday straight into the bag, spun the bag, clipped it and brought it home for release.”

Red-bellied-black snakes are usually found in northern and central Queensland, Australia through to eastern New South Wales and Victoria.

The Red-bellied Black Snake can grow up to 2.5 metres, however, adults usually average around 1.5 m.

Red-bellied Black Snakes are one of the most frequently encountered snakes on the east coast of Australia, and are responsible for several bites every year.

During the winter months snakes will hibernate.

Meanwhile, an NHS centre in Wales was forced to close earlier this year after two venomous snakes were spotted in the waiting room.

One was believed to be a pregnant grass snake and the other a venomous adder.

After the serpent squatters were spotted, officials shut the vaccination centre in Cwm-Cou, West Wales, and called experts to remove them — only after ­naming them Cwm and Cou.


An expert was called to remove the creature[/caption]

The hidden danger was lurking behind a teddy bear

A snake catcher was called to remove the snake[/caption]


The snake was then relocated away from the family home[/caption]


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