Former Rivers Speaker Amaewhule, Colleagues Will Deny Tinubu Soon

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The Concerned Members of the All Progressives Congress (CMAPC) has warned the ruling party to deal with Hon. Martins Amaewhule and his 26 colleagues in the Rivers State Assembly with kids’ gloves over their denouncement of the party.

Recall that the lawmakers had publicly announced their defection from the People’s Democratic Party to the APC in December, only to deny any affiliation with the party when their mandate was being threatened.

In a statement signed by its President, Comrade Ezegwu Thomas, the group described Amaewhule and the others as political destitutes with no allegiance to any political organization.

Thomas said the same way they denounced membership of the APC, they would do the same to
President Bola Tinubu and urged party faithful to exercise extreme caution in dealing with them.

“We are compelled to address a pressing matter that threatens the very fabric of our great party. Recent events have led us to sound a note of caution and vigilance to all loyal members of our party,” the statement said.

“As you may be aware, some members of the Rivers State House of Assembly publicly defected from the PDP to our esteemed party. However, in a bizarre twist, they have since denied any affiliation with our party, leaving us with no choice but to categorize them as political destitutes with no allegiance to any political organization.

“We view this development with great concern and warn our members to exercise extreme caution in dealing with these individuals. Their antecedents show a pattern of political opportunism, and we fear that their presence within our ranks could spell doom for our party’s unity and progress.

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“We caution our members that these individuals, who have no qualms about denying their own party affiliation, will not hesitate to do the same to our party and even our esteemed President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, when it suits their interests. We must not let our guard down and allow such fair-weather politicians to infiltrate our ranks.

“Their actions are a stark reminder of the dangers of accommodating individuals without principle or loyalty. We must remain vigilant and ensure that our party remains a sanctuary for true progressives, not a haven for political chameleons.

“We urge our members to be cautious in their dealings with these individuals and to prioritize the interests of our party above all else. Let us remain united and focused on our mission to build a better Nigeria for all.”

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