Horror moment tourists scream ‘SHARK’ at clueless swimmers as predator circles them off Florida beach

Horror moment tourists scream ‘SHARK’ at clueless swimmers as predator circles them off Florida beach
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THIS is the terrifying moment a shark circles clueless swimmers off a Florida beach as tourists scream for them to get to safety.

The deadly predator was spotted lurking in the water at Panama City Beach as hundreds of daytrippers soaked up the sun.

The horrifying footage shows the shark swimming just metres away from the two people
Jam Press Vid/@dman2693x
It disappeared and then reemerged even closer to where the swimmers were standing
Jam Press Vid/@dman2693x
The beast had been spotted by a man standing on a balcony overlooking the beach
Jam Press Vid/@dman2693x

Daniel Brooks, who was standing on a balcony nearby, immediately raised the alarm by calling out to people below to tell them what he saw.

Onlookers quickly become concerned by the unfolding scenes and can be heard screaming “shark” to warn the people in the waters to get themselves to safety.

In footage captured by Brooks, the shark appears to move away from the two people in the water before showing up again soon after.

The duo eventually realise what is going on and rush to safety, much to the relief of everyone on the beach.

Brooks uploaded the video to TikTok on June 5 to share the dramatic moment.

But horrified viewers could not believe what they were seeing and took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the video.

One user commented: “Florida about to be real cheap.”

Another user wrote: “My relationship with water ends in the bathroom.”

“I was SCREAMING shark with y’all! They’re extremely lucky,” wrote a third user.

Another person commented: “Crazy thing is they just stood there.”

It comes just a week after an Alabama teen was savaged in an attack in Florida and ended up losing a hand and a leg.

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Lulu Gribbin’s mum recalled the horrifying moment she spotted her lifeless daughter on the sand after she had been mauled by the predator.

Elsewhere, two more Spanish holiday beaches have been closed following new shark sightings.

Lifeguards ordered bathers out of the sea at Melenara Beach in Gran Canaria, Spain, after a police drone spotted a hammerhead shark prowling nearby.

It’s the second time the beach was forced to close after an initial shark sighting sent terrified tourists fleeing on Saturday.

The bathing ban on Sunday afternoon was extended to neighbouring Salinetas beach.

And around two hours later, lifeguards hoisted the red flag at a third spot – San Augustin beach in the south of the island – after a tourist snapped the tell-tale fin of a shark sticking out of the water.


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