Mandela’s Grandson Calls For Protests Against ANC’s Coalition With DA On Inauguration Day

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Mayibuye Melisizwe Mandela, grandson of the revered Nelson Mandela, has issued a passionate call for South Africans to protest against the African National Congress’s (ANC) decision to form a Government of National Unity (GNU) with the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Freedom Front Plus.

In an open letter to the people of South Africa, Mandela denounced the coalition as a betrayal of the ANC’s founding principles and the electorate’s trust.

Quoting the Freedom Charter which says, “The people shall govern,” Mandela urged South African citizens to make their voices heard by peacefully picketing outside the Union Buildings on the day of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s inauguration, set for June 19, 2024.

“If the people of South Africa are unhappy with the ANC’s decision to form a Government of National Unity (GNU) with the DA and the Freedom Front Plus, then it is high time we make our voices heard. We must take to the streets peacefully and picket outside the Union Buildings with placards showing our dissatisfaction,” he wrote, stressing the need for public demonstration to show that the South African citizens do not support the decision made by the ANC.

Mandela criticised the ANC for abandoning a revolutionary path that could have included alliances with parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the United Democratic Movement (UDM), instead of the DA and Freedom Front Plus.

The statement read, “The ANC was voted out for failing to adhere to this vision. Instead of forming a revolutionary government with the EFF, UDM, ATM, MK Party, and other like-minded parties to bring real change, it has chosen a path that we believe further sells out the people. We need to take action-social media posts alone will not bring about the change we need.”

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Highlighting the DA’s controversial pre-election advertisement, he said, “As a reminder, before the elections, the Democratic Alliance (DA) released an advertisement that was deeply disturbing and evoked a demonic sentiment. Burning a flag has historically been a symbol of a declaration of war against the people represented by or identifying with the flag. In this context, the DA’s use of such imagery implied a declaration of war against the majority of South Africans, which is deeply troubling.”

Mandela then called on South Africans of all races to unite in opposition to the GNU, arguing that the coalition’s ideas do not serve the interests of the majority. “To my generation, let us fight for our country so that future generations will not condemn us for our inaction, I call for a peaceful picket at the Union Buildings. It is time to take this to the streets and show that we demand better for our country.”

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi

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