New USSD Codes For Airtel, MTN, And Glo: Functions And Uses

New USSD Codes For Airtel, MTN, And Glo: Functions And Uses
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New USSD Codes For Airtel, MTN, And Glo: Functions And Uses

In telecommunications, codes play a vital role in instructing how data should be processed or transmitted. These codes are essential for the efficient operation of mobile networks.

Recently, the USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes for Airtel, MTN, and Glo, three major players in the African market, have been updated.

This article explores these changes, their implications, and provides a comprehensive guide to using both the old and new codes.

Old USSD Codes for Airtel, MTN, and Glo

Before delving into the new codes, it’s essential to understand the old USSD codes and their functions.

These codes, which were operational until June 17, 2023, facilitated various services for users on Airtel, MTN, and Glo networks.

Airtel Old USSD Codes

  • Recharge Airtime: 126Voucher PIN#
  • Check Airtime Balance: *123#
  • Buy Data: *141#
  • Borrow Airtime: *688#
  • Check Data Balance: *140#
  • Transfer Airtime: *143#
  • Customer Care: 111

MTN Old USSD Codes

  • Recharge Airtime: 555Voucher PIN#
  • Check Airtime Balance: *556#
  • Buy Data: *131#
  • Borrow Airtime: *606#
  • Check Data Balance: 1314#
  • Transfer Airtime: *600#
  • Customer Care: 180

Glo Old USSD Codes

  • Recharge Airtime: 123Voucher PIN#
  • Check Airtime Balance: *124#
  • Buy Data: *777#
  • Borrow Airtime: *321#
  • Check Data Balance: 1270#
  • Transfer Airtime: *131#
  • Customer Care: 121

Note: These old codes are no longer functional as of June 17, 2023. They have been replaced with new, unified codes across all networks.

New Unified USSD Codes for All Networks

To streamline services and enhance user experience, new unified USSD codes were introduced in May 2023.

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These codes are applicable across all mobile networks in Nigeria, including Airtel, MTN, Glo, and 9mobile.

General Services

  • Call Centre: *300#
  • Voice Mail Deposit: *301#
  • Voice Mail Retrieval: *302#
  • Borrow Services: *303#
  • Stop Service: *305#
  • Check Balance: *310#
  • Credit Recharge: 311Voucher PIN#
  • Data Plan: *312#
  • Data Plan Balance: *323#
  • Share Services: *321#
  • NIN Verification: *996#
  • Do-Not-Disturb (DND): 2442
  • Mobile Number Portability: 3232

Specific Network Codes

These codes are network-specific and provide additional services not covered by the general codes:

  • Airtel: *812# (Manage Airtel SmartTalk & SmartChoice plans)
  • MTN: *408# (Activate MTN XtraValue bundle)

Additional Codes for Specific Services

Night Plans

  • MTN: *412#
  • Airtel: *406#
  • Glo: *777# (Select “Night and Weekend Plans”)

Social Bundles

  • MTN: *404#
  • Airtel: 31220#
  • Glo: *777# (Select “Social Bundles”)

WhatsApp Bundles

  • MTN: *405#
  • Airtel: 31210#
  • Glo: *777# (Select “WhatsApp Bundles”)

Special Offers and Promotions

  • MTN: *131#
  • Airtel: *141#
  • Glo: *777#

Unified Customer Care

  • All Networks: 111

Benefits of the Unified Codes

The introduction of unified USSD codes across all major networks offers several benefits:

  • Ease of Use: Users no longer need to memorize different codes for different networks.
  • Consistency: A uniform experience across all three major networks simplifies service access.
  • Convenience: Essential services can be accessed with just a few simple codes.
  • Streamlined Customer Support: A single helpdesk number (300) ensures efficient customer service.

Staying Informed and Updated

To stay up-to-date on any changes or additions to these codes, it is recommended to bookmark this page or visit the official websites of your respective network providers regularly.

Network providers may update or introduce new codes periodically to enhance user experience.

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The new unified USSD codes for Airtel, MTN, and Glo mark a significant improvement in accessing mobile services in Nigeria. By understanding and using these new codes, users can enjoy a more seamless and convenient experience.

Whether it’s checking your balance, recharging airtime, or managing data plans, these unified codes simplify the process and ensure you have all the services you need at your fingertips.

If you have any questions regarding the new USSD codes or if there is a particular code you could not find, please drop your questions in the comment section below for further assistance.


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