Portable Teases A Diss Track For Viral Content Creator Saida Boj

Portable Teases A Diss Track For Viral Content Creator Saida Boj
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The street pop sensation has previewed a new single on which he spares a word of caution for trending content creator Saida Boj.

Saida Boj made the news after she first appeared on Pulse Hot Takes where she made polarising statements such as only weak men do 50/50 in a relationship.

She also recently went viral after appearing on the Honest Bunch Podcast where she made controversial statements like a man has to spend 20 million naira in the first week to show his seriousness.

Following Saida Boj’s viral appearance on the Honest Bunch Podcast, Portable recorded himself speaking about her on his Instagram live session.

The Street pop sensation has now shared his thoughts on Saida Boj in a song titled ‘SaidaBoboje’ which he recently previewed on his social media.

In the part of the track he previewed, Portable used Yoruba proverbs to admonish Saida Boj against leading a reckless life while also dissing her for her views on romantic relationship.

Portable’s latest diss track for Saida Boj follows his penchant for turning his experiences and disagreements with individuals into songs. Portable recently previewed a tribute to beautiful women titled ‘Ogbanje’ after meeting Tiwa Savage.

Earlier in the year, Portable engaged in a dispute with popular Nigerian socialite Bobrisky for whom he released the diss track ‘Brotherhood’. He also recently released a song titled ‘Spiderman’ after he was captured flying the fence to evade arrest by the Nigerian Police over an unpaid debt.


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