Rivers Assembly: Coalition of Lawyers Condemns Assault’ on Judiciary

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The Coalition of Lawyers against Injustice has condemned the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State for what it described as attempts by the party to ridicule the judiciary and undermining democracy.

The group of concerned lawyers in a statement by its president, Moses Okino, Esq., expressed outrage over a recent High Court ruling that overturned another court’s decision, sacking PDP lawmakers for defecting to APC.

The coalition described the APC’s actions as a “brazen affront” to the judiciary’s integrity and the rule of law, and accused the party of recklessly disregarding fundamental legal principles.

They also expressed concern over allegations of bribery and lack of jurisdiction leveled against the judge, calling for a thorough investigation.

The lawyers urged the APC and former Rivers State Assembly members to respect the judiciary’s sanctity and allow the courts to function without intimidation or manipulation.

“It is an elementary legal principle that a lower court cannot review or overturn the decision of another lower court or a court of concurrent jurisdiction. This fundamental tenet of our legal system is being recklessly disregarded by the APC in Rivers State, who seem hell-bent on ridiculing the judiciary and undermining our democracy.

“We are appalled by the APC’s blatant disregard for the judicial process and their resort to self-help, which can only be described as a wicked assault on the very fabric of our legal system. This egregious behavior will not only erode public trust in the judiciary but also project Nigeria as a laughingstock before the international community,” the president of the coalition noted in his statement.

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They also called on the Chief Justice of Nigeria, the Nigerian Bar Association, and other stakeholders to defend the judiciary’s integrity and uphold the rule of law.

Okino said the Coalition would take all necessary steps to ensure that the judiciary and the rule of law are respected, and warned that the APC’s actions could erode public trust in the judiciary and project Nigeria as a laughingstock internationally.

He said, “Coalition of Lawyers against Injustice, a group of concerned lawyers, are compelled to address the recent developments in Rivers State, where a High Court ruling has overturned the decision of another court, sacking PDP lawmakers for decamping to APC. This brazen affront to the judiciary’s integrity and the rule of law is unacceptable and warrants our collective condemnation.”

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