Abuja postal code

Abuja postal code
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The list of postal codes in Abuja FCT [ExploreAbuja]

Residents and businesses in Abuja rely on postal codes for various purposes.

Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, utilises postal codes to ensure efficient mail and package delivery.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Abuja’s postal code system, including its structure and a breakdown by local government areas (LGAs).

What are postal codes?

Postal codes are numerical codes used to identify specific geographic areas within a country. These codes help in sorting and delivering mail by indicating precise locations. In Lagos, as in many other cities, postal codes are important for efficient mail distribution, helping postal services and couriers deliver items quickly and accurately.

Understanding postal codes in Abuja

Abuja’s postal codes consist of six digits. The first digit signifies the designated region (Abuja in this case), and the remaining digits progressively narrow down the location, reaching specific districts and sometimes even streets. For instance, the code “900221” indicates the Three Arms Zone district.

Postal codes by Local Government Areas (LGAs)

Abuja is comprised of six Area Councils, each with its own postal code zones. Here’s a breakdown of postal codes by LGA:

Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC)

  • Central Business District: 900211
  • Three Arms Zone: 900211
  • Asokoro: 900231
  • Maitama: 900271
  • Wuse Zone 1: 900281
  • Wuse Zone 2: 900282
  • Wuse Zone 3: 900283 (and so on for other Wuse zones up to Zone 7)
  • Garki Area 1: 900241 (and so on for other Garki Areas)

Other AMAC Districts

  • Abacha Barracks (uses the same code as Garki)
  • Apo (uses the same code as Garki)
  • Damagaza (uses the same code as Garki)
  • Dantata (uses the same code as Garki)
  • Durumi I, II, & III (use the same code as Garki)
  • Dutse (uses the same code as Garki)
  • Garki Village (uses the same code as Garki)
  • Gudu (uses the same code as Garki)
  • Guzape (uses the same code as Garki)
  • Jabi (uses the same code as Garki)
  • Kabusa: 900107
  • Karshi: 900101
  • Nyanya: 900103
  • Orozo: 900109
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Bwari Area Council

  • Generally served by the code 900101

Gwagwalada Area Council

  • Generally served by the code 900101

Kuje Area Council

  • Generally served by the code 900101

Abaji Area Council

  • Abaji District: 950101
  • Yaba District: 950102

Kwali Area Council

  • Ashara: 904108
  • Dafa: 904102
  • Gumbo: 904107
  • Kilankwa: 904104
  • Kwali: 904105
  • Pai: 904101
  • Yangoji: 904103
  • Yebu: 904106
  • Wako: 904109

Finding your postal code

There are several ways to locate your specific postal code in Abuja:

  • Online resources: Websites and databases offer searchable lists of postal codes by area.
  • NIPOST website: The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) website might have a search function for finding codes based on addresses.

Importance of using the correct postal code

Verifying the exact postal code before sending mail or packages ensures they reach their intended recipients promptly. As Abuja continues to develop, a well-maintained postal code system remains vital for its day-to-day operations.

For more information, visit FCT Abuja Postal Code: Complete List by LGA & District

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