‘BBNaija’ star Doyin says she dates to have a good time, not to marry

‘BBNaija’ star Doyin says she dates to have a good time, not to marry
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Doyinsola Doyin [instagram/Officialdoyin_]

She is more keen on having a lifetime companion than a husband.

Big Brother Naija alumnus Doyin has opened up about her stance on relationships and stated that her primary reason for dating is to enjoy companionship, rather than aiming for marriage.

She emphasised this during a recent interview with media personality Olufemi Daniel, where she also revealed that she is currently in a relationship with a man. When asked about marriage, Doyin stressed that she’s okay with whether a relationship leads to marriage or not.

“I never really date to get married; I date to have a good time. I date because I enjoy your company; I date for companionship, whether it leads to marriage or not,” said the reality TV star.

Olufemi Daniel asked, “So you don’t date for sex? I saw it in an interview you did that you said you could date for many reasons, including companionship. So I’m saying you don’t date for sex? That’s what I’m asking.”

Doyin responded, “I mean, sex is part of companionship, isn’t it? But it’s not the main reason I’m dating. I date for companionship, not for marriage, so if it doesn’t lead to marriage, I’m fine; we had a good time. But if it does okay, I’m fine with doing a life partnership if a marriage doesn’t come up.”

She further challenged the traditional view of marriage, questioning its significance beyond legal and societal conventions.

“At the end of the day, what is marriage really? Is it about signing papers? It’s not important to me, and I’m not trying to talk down on constitutional marriage,” she said.

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“Companionship is important to me, so I would like to have a lifetime of companionship, whether we’re married or not. I just want to have someone who is my person for the rest of my life, so it’s not important to me that we have to be legally married,” she concluded.

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