Esan Youth Reject Ethnic Sentiment: Support Olumide Akpata for Edo State Governorship Election

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Esan Youth Reject Ethnic Sentiment: Support Olumide Akpata for Edo State Governorship Election

As the 2024 Edo State election draws near, Olumide Osaigbovo Akpata, a prominent Benin man, is emerging as a strong contender. Despite some claims that it is the turn of an Esan man to govern the state, Akpata is gaining notable support from Esan communities, particularly the youth. This shift in support reflects a growing focus on leadership qualities over ethnic affiliations.



Traditionally, Edo State politics has been influenced by ethnic considerations, with a clear divide between the Benin and Esan people. Some believe it is the Esan’s turn to rule, casting doubt on Akpata’s chances. However, recent developments suggest a change in this mindset.



One prominent supporter from Esanland is Benard Omohe, a dedicated Obidient from Ogwa in Esan West LGA. Benard is actively campaigning for Akpata, stressing the importance of choosing a capable leader over ethnic loyalty. He has even put up a billboard for Akpata in Ekpoma, Esan West LGA, demonstrating his commitment.


Benard Omohe’s support extends beyond visual endorsements. He is engaging in grassroots campaigns, often called “mosquito campaigns,” where he meets with local communities to garner support. In Ogwa Ward 1, Esan West LGA, he met with members of the Motorcycle Riders Association, advocating for Akpata’s candidacy and urging them to prioritize the best candidate over ethnic sentiments.



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During the primaries, Benard had a key conversation with Osaro, another Obidient supporter. He said, “This Edo election is not about tribal sentiments. Let’s support the best candidate, and I think Olumide Akpata is the right candidate to move Edo forward.” This message of unity and progress is gaining traction among voters.



The support from Esan youth like Benard Omohe could be pivotal in the upcoming election. Olumide Akpata’s campaign has the potential to bridge the ethnic divide and foster a more inclusive political environment in Edo State. Convincing voters to focus on the merits of each candidate rather than ethnic backgrounds will be crucial.


The 2024 Edo State election is shaping up to be a significant moment in the state’s political landscape. Olumide Akpata’s growing support from both Benin and Esan communities indicates a shift towards prioritizing effective leadership. The efforts of Esan youth, like Benard Omohe, highlight the potential for a transformative election, where unity and competence take precedence over ethnic divisions. As the campaign progresses, this focus on unity and development will be key to determining Edo State’s future.




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