Grant’s Whisky Welcomes Alternate Sound, Maze x Mxtreme, and Handi x Wanni to the Family

Grant’s Whisky Welcomes Alternate Sound, Maze x Mxtreme, and Handi x Wanni to the Family
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In the spirit of “friendship and togetherness,” Grant’s Whisky has set the pace by signing some incredible talents who are crew members that already share a strong bond – Alternate Sound, Maze x Mxtreme, and Wanni X Handi.

A little unfamiliar with these crew members? Well, read on to acquaint yourself with their backgrounds!

Alternate Sound

You could refer to Alternate Sound as a musical phenomenon and you would be right! A band of three members: Orowo Ubiene (Roy) on piano, Kenneth Ugueji (Barrister Ken) on bass guitar, and Stanley Amanze (Drummerboy Stan) on drums drums—the journey of this talented trio began in a church band eight years ago and continued through their university days, forging a deep bond and honing their craft together.

Each member of the group is also an accomplished music producer and adds a unique touch to their collective talent. True to the saying, “One band, one sound,” they embody perfect harmony, syncing flawlessly with every beat and rhythm.

Maze x Mxtreme

The Maze x Mxtreme crew are the trailblazers of Afro Electronic Dance Music (Afro EDM) and are masters of Dancehall Indie, Future Bass, EDM, and House. Comprising Joshua Erhunwmnese Okunzuwa (Maze) and Godfrey Osenemandia Imhanwa (Mxtreme), these talented artists hail from Benin City, Edo State.

Growing up like brothers due to their close-knit families, they have carved their own path from scratch while maintaining an enviable friendship. 

Wanni x Handi

Wanni x Handi – These are the dancing twin female DJs who are popular for standing out with their dance routines and high-energy performances when they come on stage.

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Known for lighting up the stage, these talented sisters have made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.

While they have explored various bits of the entertainment world, their true passion has always been music. Surprisingly, Wanni and Handi are self-taught DJs, which showcases their dedication and determination to perfect their craft.

Perfectly capturing Grant’s Whisky with their vibe, passion and authenticity, Wanni X Handi ensures to transform every event into an unforgettable experience. Whether it is a grand party or an intimate gathering, their performances are guaranteed to set the stage on fire and leave the audience wanting more. 

By welcoming new crew members, Grant’s Whisky reaffirms its commitment to celebrating friendships, connections, and the joy of togetherness by introducing its new ambassadors. Each of these well-talented collaborators exemplify the theme of connection and unity that Grant’s Whisky holds dear. 

With a legacy of innovation and excellence, the whisky brand remains a beloved choice for whisky enthusiasts around the world, and would make the top of your list if you are looking to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones!

Join the celebration as Alternate Sound, Maze x Mxtreme, and Handi x Wanni become part of the Grant’s Whisky family! Catch these talented artists at Grant’s Whisky events for an absolutely spectacular time.

To stay updated on their activities this year, follow @crewsnightng for all the details.

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