Here are 4 things to expect from Rema’s ‘HEIS’ album

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Just hours before it drops, Rema’s surprise sophomore album, HEIS, has the Afrobeats community buzzing. After Calm Down’s global smash propelled his debut Raves & Roses to stardom, fans are eager to see where Rema takes them next. Here at NotJustOk, we think you should brace yourselves for the following:

A Descent into Darkness 

Gone are the bright lights of Raves & Roses. The teasers for HEIS hint at a gothic atmosphere, a darker, edgier Rema ready to push boundaries. If you crave classic Rema, you’re in for a surprise. This might be a deeper dive into his rap persona, a bold exploration that redefines Afrobeats.

Sound Influences

Rema’s music has always been influenced by his Nigerian roots, and HEIS is expected to continue this tradition. However, the gothic aesthetic and rock-inspired elements in the teasers suggest that he might be drawing inspiration from other genres as well. It is evident from his recently released single Hehehe and the teased track March Am. This fusion result in a unique Afro-Rock style with trendy lingua and street-pop influenced instrumentals.

Back to his Roots? 

Rema’s collaboration with Shallipopi which is expected to be on the HEIS album

Raves & Roses boasted a star-studded cast of collaborators. HEIS, however, seems to be a more personal affair, featuring just two fellow Nigerian artists (though the official tracklist remains under wraps). This could signal a return to his Afrobeats roots, a desire to fully own his sound before future collaborations. We think you should expect plenty of solo tracks that showcase Rema’s artistic growth.

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A Bold Statement

Fresh off declaring himself part of the Afrobeats Big 4, Rema is an artist in constant evolution. HEIS is poised to be a statement piece, solidifying his position as a frontrunner. Will he continue his global climb, or carve a more intimate space within the genre? His recent single HEHEHE sets the tone, with confidence likely being a major theme throughout the album.

Rema’s Hehehe visualizer

One thing’s for certain, with HEIS, Rema will surprise us once again. As the release nears, fans can anticipate a project that promises a fresh exploration of Rema’s artistry, a bold new chapter in his musical journey.

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