How much is Nigeria army salary

How much is Nigeria army salary
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The salary structure in the Nigerian Army varies [PremiumTimesNigeria]

The Nigerian Army is a respected force that keeps the country safe.

If you’re thinking about joining the Army, you probably have a lot of questions, and one of the most important ones might be: how much do soldiers get paid?

This guide will answer that question and give you a clear picture of what Nigerian Army salaries look like. We’ll also talk about some other things to consider when thinking about a career in the army.

Overview of Nigerian Army ranks

The Nigerian Army is divided into two main categories: Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs).

  • Commissioned officers: These are higher-ranking officials who have undergone extensive training and hold leadership positions. Examples include Captains, Majors, and Generals.
Higher ranking officers in the Nigerian Army [BlueprintAfric]
Higher ranking officers in the Nigerian Army [BlueprintAfric]
  • Non-commissioned officers: These soldiers typically start at lower ranks and can rise through the ranks based on their performance and experience. Examples include Sergeants and Corporals.

Salary structure

The salary structure in the Nigerian Army varies depending on rank, with commissioned officers generally earning more than non-commissioned officers.

Commissioned officers’ salaries

  1. General: ₦1,500,000 per month
  2. Lieutenant General: ₦1,000,000 per month
  3. Major General: ₦950,000 per month
  4. Brigadier General: ₦750,000 per month
  5. Colonel: ₦550,000 per month
  6. Lieutenant Colonel: ₦350,000 per month
  7. Major: ₦300,000 per month
  8. Captain: ₦220,000 per month
  9. Lieutenant: ₦180,000 per month
  10. Second Lieutenant: ₦120,000 per month

Non-commissioned officers’ salaries

  1. Master Warrant Officer: ₦90,000 per month
  2. Warrant Officer: ₦80,000 per month
  3. Staff Sergeant: ₦68,000 per month
  4. Sergeant: ₦63,000 per month
  5. Corporal: ₦60,000 per month
  6. Lance Corporal: ₦57,000 per month
  7. Private: ₦48,000 – ₦50,000 per month
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N.B: These salaries are subject to change based on government policies and economic conditions.

The Nigerian Army offers a structured salary system that rewards personnel based on their rank and experience. Higher-ranking officers, especially commissioned officers, receive significantly higher pay compared to non-commissioned officers. However, both categories benefit from additional allowances and support that contribute to their overall compensation.

Other benefits and allowances

In addition to their salaries, Nigerian Army personnel receive various benefits and allowances, which can include:

  • Housing allowance: Support for accommodation costs.
  • Medical care: Access to medical services for soldiers and their families.
  • Uniform allowance: Provision for purchasing and maintaining uniforms.
  • Travel Allowance: Compensation for official travel.

These allowances help ensure that soldiers can meet their basic needs and maintain a good standard of living while serving their country.

For those interested in a career in the Nigerian Army, it’s important to understand these financial aspects as well as the responsibilities that come with each rank. The Army not only provides a career path but also the opportunity to serve and protect the nation with pride and honour.

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For more information about the Nigerian Army ranks and salary structure, you can visit sources like JobSphere Nigeria,, Nigerian Infopedia and Nigerian Search Guide.


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