I Married an Enemy in Disguise – Nigerian Man Announces End of His Two Months Wedding

I Married an Enemy in Disguise – Nigerian Man Announces End of His Two Months Wedding
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Enojie, a Nigerian man, has announced the end of his marriage to his wife, Priceless Ora, on Facebook after six years together. The couple, who have four children, held their traditional wedding on May 26, 2024, in Edo State. Enojie’s post on July 9, 2024, revealed that he regretted marrying her, accusing her of publicly demeaning him on social media, comparing him to other men, and planning to cheat despite having her bride price paid. He also stated that their church wedding scheduled for October 6, 2024, is canceled as he can no longer live with her.

He wrote.
‘’I regret of doing this. I curse the day I agree to do this,”
I thought she will change landed me to this shame & disgrace
I married an enemy in disguise of a wife
Reasons why I cancelled & regret this
No 1. I married a woman who compare me with other men
No 2. This is not the first time we will have issues and she we come on live stream either by Facebook or Tiktok
No 3. A married woman said she wan go knack on top bride price
Am not perfect either, but going to social media to talk down on me for 5 hours on tiktok is and unimaginable thing I can’t let go
So many words have been said in the open
I can’t continue to live with a lousy woman in the name of a wife
My sincere apologies to all our fans and supporters that saw the recent tragedy and feel disappointed
My supportive lovers pls forgive us
And to all the social media presenters, bloggers, motivational speakers both who gave their opinions on this issue negatively or positively, I say thank you
I write this note to inform u all that our marriage in Oct 6.2024 can’t hold anymore bcz it is now shown & seen that we are both not compatible to lead a home

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But I am going for co-parenting to at least make my children proud for they are all we ve got on this journey of 6 years.
And on this note she cease to be my wife & no one should pls address her as one henceforth
Man propose God dispose.”


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