Man bites snake to death for attacking him

Man bites snake to death for attacking him
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Man bites snake to death for attacking him

A 35-year-old man in India has retaliated in a drastic manner after a snake bit him in Panduka, Kharkhand while he was asleep.

Santosh Lohar was sleeping in at a railway work camp when the reptile attacked him, prompting him to take immediate action and biting it back.

According to local media, work was underway to lay railway lines in a forested area when the attack occurred at the labourer’s base camp. The man was said to have grabbed the snake with an iron rod and bit twice until it died.

When asked why he bit the snake back, Lohar told India Today that there is a myth about how biting a snake back can neutralise its venom.

In his words: “In my village, there’s a belief that if a snake bites you, you must bite it back twice to neutralize the venom.”

Although a venomous snake bite can prove lethal, a human biting the snake would have little consequences. It simply puts the person at risk of receiving another attack. This is because snake venom is stored in the reptile’s gland and is only triggered when it enters the bloodstream.

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