PRP scribe, Bello, calls for action on Bauchi-Jos road, says it’s a ‘death trap’

PRP scribe, Bello, calls for action on Bauchi-Jos road, says it’s a ‘death trap’
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Comrade Muhammed Bello, the acting National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), has lamented the regular accidents along the Bauchi-Jos road which has led to loss of lives of commuters.

Bello who decried the incidents of carnage on the road that links the North Central to the North Eastern parts of the country, called on the governors in the region, lawmakers and other political leaders to give the road the attention it requires.

Bello who made the call in a statement on Monday said:

“The Bauchi-Jos Road, a vital artery that connects the North-Eastern part of Nigeria to the North-Central region, has become a death trap that claims lives daily.

“As the leaders from the Northern part of Nigeria, particularly the governors and lawmakers from the Northeastern region, it is imperative that they take this issue with utmost seriousness.

“Unfortunately, their actions seem to suggest otherwise, as the road, which stretches for less than 150 kilometres, has become a nightmare for commuters due to its deplorable state.

“While it is true that the leaders from the region have abandoned this route in favor of air travel, it is equally true that their absence has contributed significantly to the dilapidated state of the road.

“The Vice President, who hails from the North-East, governors, lawmakers, and other top members of the political class have seemingly turned a blind eye to the plight of their constituents who are forced to endure the hazardous conditions on this road.

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“The devastating consequences of this neglect are evident in the numerous fatalities that occur daily on the road. The death toll is staggering, with many lives lost to avoidable accidents.

“The injured are countless, with some left permanently scarred or maimed. The economic impact is also significant, as businesses and trade suffer due to the disruption caused by the road’s poor condition.

“It is a paradox that the North-East region, which has produced a plethora of notable leaders since 1999, including two vice presidents, a senate president, speaker, deputy speaker, secretary to the government of the federation, chief of staff to the president, and other high-ranking government functionaries, the Bauchi-Jos Road remains plagued by enigmatic problems.

“The Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) has failed to adequately manage and maintain this vital road.

“In contrast to allocating trillions of Naira to construct new roads where there is no pressing need, such as the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway, it would be more sensible for the Federal Government to prioritize improving the condition of existing roads that claim lives daily due to their deplorable state.

“The Bauchi-Jos Road is a prime example of this neglect. It is imperative that the government takes concrete steps to make this road safe and motorable for all users.

“The Bauchi-Jos Road is not just any ordinary road; it is a lifeline for millions of people who rely on it for their daily livelihoods. It is high time that our leaders took concrete steps to address this issue and ensure that this road is made safe and motorable.

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“The government’s inaction has led to untold suffering and loss of lives, and it is imperative that we demand accountability and effective action from our leaders.

“It is imperative that the region’s leaders take immediate action to address this crisis. They must work with relevant agencies to ensure that the Bauchi-Jos Road is expanded, rehabilitated and maintained regularly. Anything less would be unacceptable, especially given the devastating human cost of inaction”.

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