Real backroom talks behind scenes at Starmer’s first Nato summit REVEALED as alliance braces for bumbling Biden’s defeat

Real backroom talks behind scenes at Starmer’s first Nato summit REVEALED as alliance braces for bumbling Biden’s defeat
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SIR Keir Starmer has sent a strong message against evil Vladimir Putin as he reached the US for his first Nato summit.

The newly elected British Prime Minister is all set to meet Joe Biden and other European leaders in a bid to strengthen the alliance in an increasingly hostile world.

Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer and his wife Victoria disembark from their plane at Joint Base Andrews in Washington to attend the 75th anniversary Nato summit
Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer and his wife Victoria disembark from their plane at Joint Base Andrews in Washington to attend the 75th anniversary Nato summit
The PM landed in the early hours of the morning UK time
The PM landed in the early hours of the morning UK time

Sir Keir talks to journalists as he travels onboard a plane to Washington DC to attend the Nato summit[/caption]

White House staffers have given Joe Biden a detailed guide advising him on how to move around during public appearances
A bumbling Biden is now fighting for his position in the Presidential race
Donald Trump at a Get Out The Vote rally at Winthrop University on February 23
Trump could drastically cut down military support to Ukraine if he returns to office

While on his way to the States, Sir Keir quipped that the defence and security of Britain as well as its allies would remain his top priority.

The Labour leader, who took over Downing Street on Friday, said he believes that Nato countries will “lock in” a “Trump-proof” military aid to Ukraine to fuel its war efforts against tyrant Putin.

He told journalists: “On the question of how we show that commitment here at this summit given there is going to be an election in America later this year, I think it’s very important at this summit, and I think there is a real opportunity for real unity.

“It’s the largest group of Nato countries together with the additions that we’ve got, and the package that we are seeking to advance, it goes beyond the support that’s been put in before and will be locked in, I hope, at this Nato conference.”

Sir Keir will now look into sealing a deal with Nato allies to support Ukraine as much as they can – before Trump becomes the next US president.

Trump – who thinks Nato has become obsolete – could drastically cut down US aid to Ukraine.

There is also a chance Trump could pull the US out of the military alliance, leaving Europe in a hostile situation against evil Putin.

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Sir Keir also issued a strong warning to Russia after the “appalling” blitz on children’s cancer hospital that killed at least 41 people.

He said: “My message is very, very clear.

“This Nato summit is an opportunity for allies to stand together, to strengthen their resolve, particularly in light of that appalling attack, against Russian aggression.”

In the US, Sir Keir will tell the 75th anniversary Nato meeting that he is determined to face down our adversaries.

The PM is set to say at the summit — his first overseas trip in office — that stepping up spending will safeguard the alliance.

Sir Keir said: “There is no more important duty for me as Prime Minister than keeping the people of our country safe.

“At a time when we face multiple threats at home and abroad, we must make sure we are ready to defend ourselves.

“That’s why I have immediately ordered a root-and-branch review that will secure Britain’s defences for the future.

“Working with our most important partners around the world, our Strategic Defence Review will make sure the UK is sending a clear message to those who seek to undermine peace and democracy: You will not succeed.”

The PM will make clear to fellow leaders that he is determined to make sure the UK is a “leading defence player” on the world stage — highlighting that Western allies will “triumph over tyranny”.

Sir Keir has issued a stark warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin
Putin could threaten to push into Europe after Ukraine if the US pulls out of Nato


Keir’s statements came as he was asked if the Nato allies could “Trump proof” any deal to support Ukraine.

A dark shadow now looms over Nato as Donald Trump’s chances of returning as the US president are more likely than ever – especially after Joe Biden’s dire performance in the recent presidential debate.

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And chances are Trump could severely cut defence aid to Ukraine and pull out his support from Nato.

The weakening of Nato is one of Putin‘s greatest desires as the beastly union of the US, Europe and Canada has deterred Soviet and Russian aggression for seven decades.

Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon told The Sun that the US ditching its Nato allies would be “the worst possible case scenario” and would “embolden Vladimir Putin to push into Europe”

He said: “Without the US, Nato is very much weakened though the arrival of Finland and Sweden is a little compensation.

“But the message it would send to Putin is dreadful and would embolden Putin to push harder in Ukraine and ultimately Europe.

“At least the UK and France still have the nuclear deterrent which will give Putin something to think about.

“If this scenario looks likely the UK and other European Nato countries need to re-arm at pace and I expect to be prepared to commit boots on the ground in Ukraine to stop Russian advances westwards.”

Britain will stand with Ukraine ‘for as long as it takes’

By HARRY COLE in Odesa

PUTIN must be in no doubt “Britain under Labour” will still be “Ukraine’s firmest friend”, the new Defence Secretary has declared.

John Healey embraced hero President Volodymyr Zelensky in war-torn Odessa yesterday as he vowed all additional military aid promised in April will be delivered within 100 days of Labour taking power “guaranteed”.

He insisted the new government is “totally committed” to hiking UK defence spending to 2.5 per cent of GDP but the “defence of Britain starts in Ukraine.”

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Mr Healey hot-footed it to the Black Sea port straight from Sir Keir Starmer’s first Cabinet meeting as a clear signal to the Kremlin that far from backsliding, UK support would be “stepped up and sped up”.

He told The Sun: “At every stage, since Putin launched his full-scale invasion, we have backed all the military aid… the extra funding had our full backing in opposition, we will now deliver it in government.”

And in a direct message to the Russian tyrant, he warned: “Putin is looking for Western nations to lose patience to lose resolve, he must know that Britain under Labour will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes to win.

“We will confront Russian aggression and we will pursue him for his war crimes.”

During his first official visit to Ukraine, which came within 48 hours of his appointment, Mr Healey said it was time to “step up” the “special leadership” Britain has already shown since Putin invaded Ukraine in 2022.

Britain has pledged up to £3 billion in assistance to Ukraine this year including desperately needed missiles, ammunition and vehicles.

He said his “first action” when he arrived at the Ministry of Defence on Friday “was to ask ‘what more can I do to help, how can we speed up what we have already announced?’”


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