Social media abuzz as Toyin Abraham takes stand against cyberbullying

Social media abuzz as Toyin Abraham takes stand against cyberbullying
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Toyin Abrahim in Ijakumo [Instagram/toyin_abraham]

Nigerian reality TV star and influencer Natacha Akide also shared her opinion on the ongoing drama involving Toyin Abraham.

Nollywood actress and producer, Toyin Abraham, has sparked a heated reaction on social media after she was alleged to have illegally effected the arrest of a social media user and his mother for defamation.

During an Instagram live session on Wednesday, the actress denied the allegations, stating that she had instead filed a petition against cyberbullies who defamed her online.

Toyin complained of being bullied online because she supported President Bola Tinubu during the last general elections.

Social media was abuzz with mixed reactions, with some users supporting Abraham’s decision to fight back against bullying, while others accused her of censorship and intimidation.

The debate has sparked a wider conversation about the limits of free speech online and the responsibilities of public figures to protect their reputation.

While some fans have praised her for taking a stand against cyberbullying, others have criticised her for allegedly using her influence to silence critics.

@AjeboDanny, on X, said, “If Ayo is not released today, we will start mass-reporting Toyin’s Instagram page and then move to send emails to Netflix.

“Can someone do a list of Toyin’s movies on Netflix and Prime, so we know what titles we are adding to the emails.”

To take things a step further, another X user, Faiza Mahmud, shared an email template to make the reporting process easier for Nigerians.

He wrote, “Dear Netflix Team, I am writing to address a concerning issue regarding a producer/actress who has been engaging in oppressive and bullying behaviour toward Nigerians on Twitter.

“She goes by the name Mrs Toyin Abraham. As a community, we feel strongly that her movies should be boycotted.

“Observing such mistreatment directed at Nigerians is disheartening, especially considering the diverse and inclusive content that Netflix is known for.

“It is imperative for Netflix to investigate these incidents and take appropriate action to ensure that all content creators uphold respect and dignity for every culture and community they represent.

“I urge Netflix to take a firm stand against such behaviour and demonstrate a commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all audiences,” he wrote.

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Nigerian reality TV star and influencer Natacha Akide also shared her opinion on the ongoing drama involving Toyin Abraham.

The former Big Brother Naija star stated firmly that she did not wish to be misquoted, neither did she support Toyin Abraham.

She noted that Nigerians needed to do better and stop faulting celebrities for the shortcomings of their candidates.

“As much as I do not support any party in the brewing drama, I would like to implore Nigerians to do better and respect other people’s choices.”

@oluwadharmilaarey said, “Most people knew those guys were wrong for constantly bullying her, but because of her choice, they wanted to guilt-trip her.

“I hope they can learn their lesson. Celebs are humans too,” he tweeted.

Nigerian skit maker and comedian, Adebowale Adedayo, popularly known as Mr Macaroni, also advised fellow celebrities to stop using the police to “illegally” arrest online trolls when they are defamed.

Speaking via his verified social media page, Mr Macaroni tweeted: “If anyone insults you or defames your character, go to court and seek justice.

“Don’t use your friends in government to illegally detain citizens. It may favour you now but think about tomorrow when you no longer have that power or the closeness to that power.

“It might not be you, it might be someone you care about. What will become of us if everyone takes law into their own hands.


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