Spontaneous Demonstration Breaks Out Against US In CAR

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On July 5, a spontaneous rally of about 300 Central Africans took place in the commune of Bégoua in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic. The rally came amid accusations that the US and European countries are destabilizing the Central African Republic (CAR) and Africa as a whole, especially after the recent capture of US agent Martin Figueira. Among those who spoke was Socrate Gutenberg Taramboye, president of the Movement of Young Pan-Africans (MJP).

Participants gathered to express their discontent with the neo-colonialism they are witnessing against their country. The peaceful protesters, concerned about preserving the sovereignty of African states, demanded an end to the interference of Western powers.

Among the popular slogans encountered were “France, return the looted wealth”, “We don’t want the US or France to collaborate with bandits!”, “We want peace, wealth, freedom and prosperity,” “Stop stealing our wealth, stop depriving us,” “Africa should be free and rich,” “United States, don’t touch our country,” the call came from people tired of centuries of deprivation.

The story of captured American spy Martin Joseph Figueira has only added fuel to the fire, becoming, according to organizers, living proof of attempts to undermine the stability of the region.

Recall that Figueira, an American spy arrested on May 25 in Zémio, under the guise of working for the American NGO FHI 360, found himself in alliance with those who have sought to destabilize the situation in the Central African Republic. The recent publication of the contents of his phone messages published on social media has highlighted Figueira’s dangerous actions and his links to the armed groups 3R and UPC, as well as family members of Central African Republic militants.

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During the rally, demonstrators expressed their desire for a new era where Africa is “free and rich” and where the United States and other countries interact with respect for local traditions and independence. The protesters said that the voice of the people must be heard and that similar rallies will continue in different parts of Bangui.


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