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Man. City Vs Chelsea 6-0: What Next For Sarri?

During the trashing by Manchester City, Sarri had that
haunted look, once worn by predecessors such as Luiz Felipe Scolari and Andre
Villas-Boas. What does the heaviest defeat since the 7-0 loss at Nottingham
Forest in April 1991 mean for the future of Chelsea’s 13th manager since Roman
Abramovich’s acquisition of the London club in 2003?

“My job is
always at risk,” was Sarri’s cool response when this question came up at
the press meeting after the disastrous match.

For all managers in the history of Chelsea see this list.

The managerial
sack race
one of the phenomena that make the Premier League so exciting. Watching the frustration
grow along the sideline, and speculate when the time for this tormented manager
will come.

Time is what Sarri
needs. Like Pep Gardiola and Jürgen Klopp, he wants to build a team that plays
his kind of football, and he has warned the fans more than once that this
cannot happen overnight. But will Abramovich give him this time? The
Russian-Israeli billionaire is not known for his patience. He wants quick
results and big prizes, and if a manager cannot provide these, well… there are
always others interested in the job.

have now lost their last three away Premier League games, conceding 12 goals
and scoring none. Sarri admits his job is on the line but insists that any
questions about his future should be aimed at the Chelsea board. “If the
president calls, I’ll be happy, seeing as I never hear from him,” he told
reporters in a recent interview. “To be honest, I don’t
know what to expect.”


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